Dr. Sanket & Radhika’s Vivaah Cermony

The Indian wedding really fascinates everyone. Known by different names Vivaah Sanskar in North India and Kalyanam in South India. Few key rituals common in Indian weddings are Kanyadaan (giving away of daughter by the father), Panigrahana (voluntarily holding hand near the fire to signify union), and Saptapadi or Saat phere (seven steps with a promise to each other). Lester […]

Indian Weddings

    The Indian wedding radiant with colors and rich in it’s traditions. Each ritual having a different meaning to its existence. The couple sanctifying their marriage in the presence of the sacred fire MAKING A PROMISE OF A LIFETIME.  We’ve ensured each of these rituals are captured with its true meaning.      

Neha and Kailash’s Wedding Ceremony

Our wedding photographers loved this Indian wedding shoot. It had fun, tradition, culture and lots of love. This was a roller coaster wedding. We had an extremely charming and handsome Groom and a beautiful bride. The entire wedding preps were orchestrated by the brides brother. It was a photographers delight with the splendor off all […]