Here are few of the frequently asked questions regarding the services we offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or enquiries.


http://thecomfortzonebedandbreakfast.com/youtube.com/embed/a7ToWGeWC0s What is Candid wedding Photography?
A Candid Photograph is captured without making posed appearance, it all about capturing the emotion without distracting the couple/wedding event while taking the photograph.

cytotec overnight without prescription What is Traditional flash photography?
It is best described by the staged formal shots of the bride and groom usually these are pre-planned shots clicked with the direction from the photographer, wherein a photographer guides the couple to pose in their best of postures and expressions for that perfect picture.

What is Cinematography?
It is a unique kind of wedding film full length wedding feature films with song and dance sequences presented in a Cinema style. “A very own movie of your wedding” magnified imagery extravaganza with interviews of the bride and groom sharing their future aspirations with each other; father, mother, siblings and friends talking about their past memorable moments with the bride and the groom, shot beautifully and presented in a manner which only pushes you to watch it again and again.

How will my Images be edited?

Basics edits for light, color, contrast and sharpness will be done on all your images. Intrusive object in the background will be taken of without touching the actual subject in the image.

We do not do or encourage photo manipulation, hence what you see is what you get.

Once we have received the selection for your Album, we will re edit them to suit the album, without manipulating the subject in the images.

What is Highlights video?
Weddings are most awaited events in a person’s life and all your family members would like to cherish their memories by looking at the pictures and videos again and again.
A Highlights video gives you a flashback of the complete weddings sequence in a 6-10 minutes clip along with a secret message from your Life partner, which is optional, which makes it a masterpiece.

This comes complimentary along with all wedding packages and changes will not be made to the same.

Do I get a copy of Raw unprocessed images/Video Footage?
We put best of our art to create beautiful timeless memories for you. Nothing would make us happier than fulfilling your photography needs.
All your photographs will be processed by our experts, Before we deliver them to you.. However we need prior intimation if you would need a copy of RAW unedited images/footage.

Where is your Office/Studio?
Being photographers, most of us always keep traveling and so we really never felt the need of any office or studio, if studios are needed for indoor shoots we use ones which are available on hire basis to save the cost and to pass on the benefits to you.
However for coordination’s and meeting we will meet you anywhere across Mumbai and Suburbs.

What all do you cover in the shoot?
We cover all the functions on the days you hire us. Which includes candid shots, portraits and traditional shots to ensure that even if you are not hiring a traditional photographer and videographer separately, you do not miss out on anything important. Along with this we don’t click guests having meals.

What if your results don’t meet my expectations?
Honestly, We will never let this happen because we know how important the event is to YOU. Having said that you need to adhere to timeline, we have mutually agreed on to get results as per your expectations.

Photography is a collaboration between our clients and us and we would love for you to let us know of your expectations before commencement of the shoot.

What albums do you provide?

Karizma is a design software, where as Canvera, Mazda, Kodak are companies who does design, prints, delivery, everything.  Many small & big commercial photographer uses Karizma for design and prints, which they can do anywhere.

We have different album types all digitally printed for eg Photo book, Flip cover & Absolute lay-flat. Let us know your requirement and we will cater to your need as far as possible.

As far as designing of the Album goes please let us know what you would like your album to look like in case you have any ideas, before we start designing, we are glad to take them on board. You will need to select images and let us know which ones you would like in it. We will strictly adhere to the number of images mutually agreed by us to fit into the album. In case you need more we will increase the number of pages or shift them accordingly once discussed with you.

Ultimately the design of the Albums will rest with us and only placement of image changes will be Entertained.

What are your charges and payment policies?
Our wedding packages start from INR 52,000  and you can customize it depending upon your needs.
About Payment terms, you pay 30% when you book us, balance 70% on or before shoot date. Once all payments are cleared the final product will reach you. BOOKING AMOUNT IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

When it comes to payment, we are very particular because we feel that it’s right to get paid when we have worked for you so hard. No over demands – right?

What all do you cover in the shoot?
We cover all the functions on the days you hire us. Which includes candid shots, portraits and traditional shots to ensure that even if you are not hiring a traditional photographer and videographer separately, you do not miss out on anything important. Along with this we don’t click guests having meals or the buffet unless specified. We would rather engage our time in capturing candid emotions than awkward moments. If there a particular thing you need covered during your event, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will happily oblige.

Your Images / Video & Possible Data Loss
Your data will remain with us for up to 1 year post your event. Post which we will delete the same. Hence we request that you take necessary steps to double back up the data we provide you of your life event for future use.

It would be on our mutual best interest to have your assignment closed before 6 months of your event to avoid any loss or corruption of data. We do not guarantee your data will be safe with us post that time.

As a team of Freelance Photographers and Videographers we will take utmost care of your data (images/ Video footage). However we will not be held responsible for any liability, damage, or loss related to technological failure. Cameras, hard drives, and memory cards are subject to technical failure.

Illness / Injury / Personal emergencies
In the unlikely event that the PHOTOGRAPHER falls gravely ill and or is incapacitated prior to and or on the date of your event please understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to appoint a suitable replacement photographer if not better.

Images On Social Media
We would like to showcase some of our images that we have shot at your event. The images will be reasonable and nothing too intimate or violating anyone’s decency. If for any reason you would not want this please let us know in advance and reason for the same. Please remember that you too would have seen someone else’s photographs / video/ media to come to a decision to hire our services. As a Photographer we have the copyrights to our art and images remain the property of Photographer and may be used as advertising, display, or any purpose thought proper by Photographer without compensation.

Exclusive Photographer
We hope you agree and understand that no other party other than the PHOTOGRAPHER may take pictures of any poses, lighting situations, or setups made by the photographer. This slows down the photographer’s work and violates the photographer’s right to take pictures of the event. You agree to take responsibility for insisting that no person(s) in the wedding party get in the way of the PHOTOGRAPHER or take pictures in these situations. Its your wedding day and the we would love for your guest to enjoy and celebrate this day with you. We will do the work in the background of covering this day for you.

We would also appreciate that we do not get handed mobile phones of other cameras from family or guest so that we can focus on what work needs to be done. You have paid a large amount for us to do the work for you and your guest!

If you still have any further Questions please feel free to write to us here.