Joel & Cristine Wedding

Joel & Cristine – from two different countries and cultures. One from India the other from Philippines. Unite to be one in holy matrimony. The team saw a bride with the longest trail so far. It was amazing capturing such beautiful picture on a rainy day a year back. Scenes from the photo shoot

Wedding of Kelwin & Laurentia

Marriage a commitment of a lifetime! It’s the day for every couple. A nervous bride an excited groom. A day when two hearts become ‘ONE’, when to families come together, where blessings are showered on them in this holy sacrament. Our photographers ensured Kelwin and Laurentia were comfortable and captured all those lovely moments with […]

Monica’s Roce Ceremony photo shoot

Monica's Roce Ceremony

Our wedding photographers had fun shooting Monica’s Roce ceremony. Goans and Mangaloreans have a special ceremony called “Roce” where the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be is drenched in milk. Coconut juice and a paste of turmeric are also applied on the boy’s or the girl’s hands and face. This signifies the last bath that the bride-to-be […]