Baptism Photoshoot of Aiden was a lovely day to remember as he was named Aiden on this day.

A day of joy for his parents since they got new life into this world of the Baptism Photoshoot of Aiden.

A little child born brings immense happiness. They are tiny and cute with little feet. The photographers got pictures of baby Aiden’s feet with his parents holding them.

The photographers got a picture of both symbols of love ( wedding rings and a child) in the same picture. This shot needs a lot of patience since getting a child to be still and getting to focus on an object on moving feet is kind of time consuming. Since the comfort of the child is of utter importance when clicking any photograph.

They also got photographs of the baptism of the child where the priest pours holy water on the head of the child during baptism.

The child was kept at the alter were some memories were captured of the child sleeping in peace.

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Photos from the scene

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