Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism

What does Baptism remind you of?

Sprinkling of holy water, where water is an essential for new life.

Lighting the holy candle that symbolizes moving to the light.

A small child welcomed to a faith in front of an entire congregation.

The parents name the child and celebrate after the name bestowed upon the child.

Our photographers witnessed and photographed the entire event of Ivanna’s Baptism so that the family could take back lovely memories of this beautiful day.

Photos from the scene

Dylan’s first sacrament – Baptism

Dylan received his Christening or Baptism.

Baptism or Christening a child’s first sacrament in the Christian faith.

This little child of god brought love and joy in the lives of his parents.

As they took Dylan to the alter to baptize him and be one with the holy spirit.

The photographers ensured no moment was missed during this holy event.

The day ended with photoshoot of the baby with his family.

They posed with the new born so that they could keep these memories and cherish it even in the future.


Azariah’s Baptism. as per the Christian faith conducted 40 days after he was born.

This little baby was baptized with a beautiful name “Azariah”.

Lester Mascarenhas himself clicked lovely pictures of this little baby boy like silhouettes, closeups, and pictures of the baby with the parents and pictures in the church of the event.

Capturing human expressions is quite an interesting task which needs a lot of alertness and efforts. Specially when it comes to little babies. And Lester does it so very well.

newborn or an infant who is only hours, days, or up to one month old. In medical contexts, newborn or neonate  comes from the Latin word neonates which refers to an infant in the first 28 days after birth. You can click this link to see baby shoot of a newborn babies who are below 28 days old

Photos from the Scene

Kiara – Baptism Photo Shoot

Have this beautiful baby to photograph.

But she was not interested in the camera at all….!!

Baby shoot at home of little Michelle

This was our first experience of shooting a one month baby.

Capturing her tiny fingers, their facial expressions, her little feet, and photographing them in every possible outfit with different poses needs a lot of planning.

Baby shoots needs patience and perseverance, to get extremely good shots. Understanding the baby, her moods, her schedule is so important so that the baby is happy during the shoot.

The mother’s touch and presence is the main essence of a baby shoot. A baby loves to have her mother around. This would bring joy and smiles throughout the shoot,

Considering all this our photographers ensured the baby was happy and posed gracefully for all the pictures.

Photos from the Scene

Noah’s Baptism

A new entry to the family gives us happiness. With happiness comes responsibility.
It’s a new beginning for parents, grandparents and family and friends.
Welcoming the little one to the family. Their promise to bring him up with love and good values.
Lesmasphotos got the opportunity to photoshoot this lovely baby Noah.
Expressive as he was, it was fun clicking the most memorable moments of his life.
Noah will cherish these moments in the years to come.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Baptism of baby Mattheus

Babies bring happiness and joy.

Baptism or naming ceremony of babies is one of the Christian cultures.

Our photographers cover all naming ceremonies and Christenings and focus on important key aspects of different cultures and traditions.

We’ve ensure the baby is happy during the event and the entire family partakes and enjoys the entire ceremony with smiles and kisses, hugs and warmth for the little one.

Scenes from the photo shoot