Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism

What does Baptism remind you of?

Sprinkling of holy water, where water is an essential for new life.

Lighting the holy candle that symbolizes moving to the light.

A small child welcomed to a faith in front of an entire congregation.

The parents name the child and celebrate after the name bestowed upon the child.

Our photographers witnessed and photographed the entire event of Ivanna’s Baptism so that the family could take back lovely memories of this beautiful day.

Photos from the scene

Zahra Baby Shoot

When we talk about a baby all we think of is “CUDDLES”.

Babies are a bundle of joy. Our team shot photographs of baby Zahra in the very comfort of her home.

Her every move gave an overwhelming sensation not only to the parents but the photographers who were so happy photoshooting this little angel.

Her smile is heavenly and pure.

Our photographers captured her smile, her little feet and the look on her face while she slept peacefully.

They captured these feelings and emotions for a lifetime.

Our photographers are well trained to handle babies and kept check of Zahra’s space and comfort level.

The creative wreath with fresh flowers gave a good background while baby Zahra posed for us.

Neriah’s Birthday party

Neriah photogenic and lively – she’s such a bundle of joy!!!

Had the opportunity to do a baby shoot with her when she was little.

Our photographers had the opportunity to photo shoot her again on her birthday.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Arya’s First Birthday

Arya’s first birthday is a day to remember!

Birthdays bring a lot of anxiety and happiness, specially first birthday of a little baby.

Arya brought a lot of joy to her parents. Her tiny feet and cute small fingers, her pretty smiling face and expressions all day kept the family busy to her tunes.

Our photographers enjoyed photo-shooting all her little expressions while she interacted with the family.