Ernest & Sueanne – Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photoshoot of Ernest & Sueanne was held in the month of April of 2022.

A different experience with a lot of new learnings and new styles of shooting by the team.

The couple was open to new ideas which helped the team get the desired pictures.

A relationship of 7 years changing to strong bond of marriage is a living example of true love and commitment to each other by this couple.

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You can check the reel of the monsoon couple shoot of this couple on this link

Catholic Wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina

Catholic wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina.

They seemed nervous in the beginning of the day but very much in love.

Beautiful pictures of the bride with some spotlighting.

An Outdoor Photoshoot was done to capture the natural beauty and aesthetics of the couple and the entourage.

The shoot ended with the “Maain Mudi Shivnchen” which is the Mother-in-law presenting a ring to her son-in-law, the groom.

And the “Opsun” or handing over of the bride to the groom’s family where the bride has mixed feeling with tears of happiness and sadness. Sadness because she would be leaving her parents home and Happiness cause she would be going to a new home.

You can view their wedding video on this link

Wedding Photoshoot of Anthony & Janice

This was an amazing wedding where the bride and groom were so involved in preparing everything for the big day.

Everything was pre-planned every well and everyone on time.

As mentioned by photographers ” Timing is the Essence” of a good photoshoot.

In the photographs below the photographer captured wedding shots of the bride getting ready, her make-up shots, the bride & groom with their entourage and some memorable fun shots.

Wedding is a moment of excitement and fun. So the key to good photographs is for the bride and groom to enjoy the moment which is portraited in the images captured.

The fun element is reflected in emotions of everyone’s participation.

Our cinematographers captured some clips which you can view on this link

Photos from the scene:

Wedding Photo Shoot of Lyndon & Henrietta

In the pictures below the photographer has focused on how emotions of various moments in the event.

Popping the Champagne bottle is one such moment which can give beautiful natural expressions of the couple and his family.

A bride is always in her natural element when in front of a mirror. The best time to click some beautiful pictures of her putting on some makeup.

Boys will always be boys! The groom and his best men upto a little mischief after getting ready

You can also see the work of our cinematographers on this link

Photos from the scene

Photo Shoot of Jason & Vanessa Wedding

The big day for Jason and Venessa where the two in the presence of god became one.

It’s the most memorable day for a couple and hence capturing every moment at this event seems to be crucial for the team.

The photographers clicked some fun shots of the entourage and couple shots.

Photos from the scene

Griffith & Linet Wedding Shoot

Griffith and Linet exchange their wedding bands as a symbol of love on their wedding day.

The bride happy to go to the church to unite with the one who would be her life partner

The bridesmaids take care of the bride as she enters the church

The couple have a perfect evening with family and friends as they dance through the evening.

You can also have a glimpse of the wedding video on this link

Photos from the scene

Aaron & Brynhild Wedding Shoot

Wedding of Aaron & Brynhild a union of families with talent

The bride enjoyed her wedding as she sang and danced at her wedding

The bride’s mother helped to dress her daughter

The groom got the blessings on his wedding day for a new and fruitful beginning

The bride wakes the church isle with her mother to join in holy matrimony with the dashing groom

The kiss long awaited and an evening full of song by talented singers from across states.

All this captured by our photographers giving the couple loads of memories to cherish as they start their life today.

Wedding Photoshoot of Alvin and Veronica

The wedding of Alvin and Veronica was like a fairy tale.

The groom was eager to see his bride.

The bride looked like a princess all dolled up.

She leaves her house for the last time as she heads to the church.

The parents walk her through the isle where her prince charming is waiting to marry her.

With the love of god and prayers and blessings of her family the two unite to be one.

They have a wedding dance and a ceremony with their friends and loved ones.

These moments were beautifully captured to keep memories alive by the team.

Photos from the scene

Glen and Steffi wedding Photoshoot

Glen and Steffi celebrated their wedding during a Pandemic. They proved what god has united no one can separate.

Nothing at all can stop two lovely people from being one in holy matrimony.

Ready with their mask on the two walked the isle to promise to love and hold each other till death do them apart.

They exchanged their wedding bands and offered their love offerings in front of the alter so that god almighty may accept their offering of love.

With family and friends the couple came together in celebration to commemorate this joyous occasion.

Photograhers and videographers of lesmasphotos ensures every moment captured in their gizmos and gadgets.

Great team work helped the couple take back good memories to remember.