Golden Wedding Anniversary – Ceasar and Jessy

Golden Wedding Anniversary of Ceasar and Jessy.

Shot for so many Silver wedding anniversaries but rare to witness a golden Jubilee.

What more can a couple ask than companionship?

The couple is blessed with love and togetherness for so many years.

Click this link for snippet of the wedding anniversary highlights.

The shoot was done at Portugal church Dadar followed by lovely music and celebration by the family.

Errol & Loretta wedding Anniversary

Errol & Loretta celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and exchanged rings as a sign of love towards each other.

You know you are still in love even after 25 years, when you can still rock it with your better half!!

Dressed as a newly wed in her silver dress happy to celebrate the joy of being together for 25 lovely years.

It takes effort and lots of understanding to achieve such a milestone.

As the couple and their family swayed through the evening with music and dance our photographers captured these memories of love and togetherness.

Anniversary of Gordon and Cyril

The couple completed 25 years of togetherness.

They exchanged silver rings to mark the occasion and their love for each other.

The couple cut their anniversary cake as their families and friends showered blessings over them.

The couple danced hand in hand through the evening.

The photographers captured every moment to make the day memorable for this lovely couple

Patrick & Selma’s 25th wedding Anniversary

The couple exchanged their rings and renewed their wedding vows after 25 years of togetherness.

The phographers capured the moments of this eventful day.

What an achivement??

It takes two to live in love forever.


Scenes from the photo shoot



Agnel & Maggie’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

Marriages are made in heaven. As said in the scriptures what God has joined together let man not separate. The team enjoyed photographing this lovely couple on their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Angel & Maggie stay blessed forever!!

Scenes from the photo shoot