Shawarma Café – Food Photography

Food photography done at a Shawarma Café.

You can view the reels on this link or

Shawarma Café is located in Mira road with the best Arabic food options. The pictures below are the ones clicked at the photoshoot.

lesmasphotos specializes in photography for all kinds of events.

These events are fashion photography , product shoots, Corporate events Rewards and recognition , Conferences .

We also have a creative team for videography. They can make HD videos and reels for marketing on all your social media sites.

Golden Wedding Anniversary – Ceasar and Jessy

Golden Wedding Anniversary of Ceasar and Jessy.

Shot for so many Silver wedding anniversaries but rare to witness a golden Jubilee.

What more can a couple ask than companionship?

The couple is blessed with love and togetherness for so many years.

Click this link for snippet of the wedding anniversary highlights.

The shoot was done at Portugal church Dadar followed by lovely music and celebration by the family.

Indian Wedding Photoshoot

Another Indian wedding done by lesmasphotos of the couple Shafiqa & Haseeb.

‘Nikah’ or ‘Walimah’ an Islamic tradition where two lovely people come together as one.

It was a memorable occasion for the couple where they promised to live together for a lifetime.

The bride beautifully dressed in her red gown studded with gold embroidery.

An Indian belief – the darker the colour of the mehendi  on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.

The groom in his white fur/ karakul cap and the traditional wedding outfit waiting for the moment when he and his to- be- bride will exchange words of acceptance.

Finally the day came to an end with the couple taking back with them lovely pictures and memories clicked by our team of photographers and videographers.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography or product shoot of a brand “Dhagaz”

It was done in a Studio set up with the right equipment and right lights and the models that can flaunt and sway wearing the clothes designed by the designer so that the texture, pattern and style is clearly displayed in the photoshoot.

Our photographers prepare well in advance of the shoot so that the right result to showcase the brand.

Being organized is one of the specialty of lesmasphotos so that we leave our customer with a lasting impression.

You can see Lester’s work on his insta page too on this link

The angles to be shot are also decided in advance by the client and the photographer so that last minute alterations do not hamper the shoot.

Below are the photos from the scene .

Catholic Wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina

Catholic wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina.

They seemed nervous in the beginning of the day but very much in love.

Beautiful pictures of the bride with some spotlighting.

An Outdoor Photoshoot was done to capture the natural beauty and aesthetics of the couple and the entourage.

The shoot ended with the “Maain Mudi Shivnchen” which is the Mother-in-law presenting a ring to her son-in-law, the groom.

And the “Opsun” or handing over of the bride to the groom’s family where the bride has mixed feeling with tears of happiness and sadness. Sadness because she would be leaving her parents home and Happiness cause she would be going to a new home.

You can view their wedding video on this link

1st Holy Communion Photoshoot

1st Holy Communion Photoshoot of Adele.

Adel was super excited on her first holy communion day.

She was happy to be around all her family members.

A day on which she welcomed the lord in her life.

Some beautiful memories captured of her when she was dressed in white.

Also some pictures of family blessings and some fun moments made it a joyful day for her.

I still remember when she consciously made it a point to make everyone smike in every photograph.

She wanted to have the best memories with all those smiles in her collection of pictures.

I really admire her for her effort as it made the photographers and videographers smile too throughout the day.

Photos from the scene

You can View the communion Highlight on this link

Wedding Photoshoot of Anthony & Janice

This was an amazing wedding where the bride and groom were so involved in preparing everything for the big day.

Everything was pre-planned every well and everyone on time.

As mentioned by photographers ” Timing is the Essence” of a good photoshoot.

In the photographs below the photographer captured wedding shots of the bride getting ready, her make-up shots, the bride & groom with their entourage and some memorable fun shots.

Wedding is a moment of excitement and fun. So the key to good photographs is for the bride and groom to enjoy the moment which is portraited in the images captured.

The fun element is reflected in emotions of everyone’s participation.

Our cinematographers captured some clips which you can view on this link

Photos from the scene:

Wedding Photo Shoot of Lyndon & Henrietta

In the pictures below the photographer has focused on how emotions of various moments in the event.

Popping the Champagne bottle is one such moment which can give beautiful natural expressions of the couple and his family.

A bride is always in her natural element when in front of a mirror. The best time to click some beautiful pictures of her putting on some makeup.

Boys will always be boys! The groom and his best men upto a little mischief after getting ready

You can also see the work of our cinematographers on this link

Photos from the scene