Pre wedding Photoshoot of Hemant & Manisha

What’s a pre wedding shoot?

Is it just Couple shots taken in a studio set up sometime before the wedding.

Or is it a moment of knowing who is your photographer who will capture your wedding?

Or is it a moment to get rid of the awkwardness that a couple could face with a stranger?

Lester gave the couple some good memories to take back with them as this was a destination pre wedding photoshoot for the couple

They also had a pre wedding video made to share with their family and friends. Click this link to view the video

Photos from the scene

Photo Shoot of Jason & Vanessa Wedding

The big day for Jason and Venessa where the two in the presence of god became one.

It’s the most memorable day for a couple and hence capturing every moment at this event seems to be crucial for the team.

The photographers clicked some fun shots of the entourage and couple shots.

Photos from the scene

Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism

What does Baptism remind you of?

Sprinkling of holy water, where water is an essential for new life.

Lighting the holy candle that symbolizes moving to the light.

A small child welcomed to a faith in front of an entire congregation.

The parents name the child and celebrate after the name bestowed upon the child.

Our photographers witnessed and photographed the entire event of Ivanna’s Baptism so that the family could take back lovely memories of this beautiful day.

Photos from the scene

Mandar & Sagarika Wedding Photoshoot

The wedding of Mandar and Sagarika was quite eventful.

The groom gets ready in his wedding attire followed by some lovely groom shots taken by our team of photographers.

Whilst the bride gets ready she is able to view her grooms car drive to the mandap with his Baraat ( the Indian wedding procession)

Bride’s brother twists the groom’s ear to remind him to take care of his sister. ” Kaanpili” is yet another ritual in a Maharashtrian wedding that amuses everyone.

Another sweet ritual where the bride and groom has to tie a holy chord to each other in a way the other finds it difficult to untie it.

The couple finally through with all the rituals and are announced husband and wife followed by photographs of the newly wed couple.

Couple shots of the newly wed at their wedding reception.

You can also view their pre- wedding photographs on this link

You can also view their wedding teaser on this link

Photos from the scene

Caek Cafe – Food Photography

When you think of food you look for something that looks good.

Once the sense of seeing is convinced then you will think of ordering the product.

We shot for this amazing food outlet “Caek cafe”.

They served beautiful and tasty looking cakes and pastries that are good for every occasion. Be it a birthday or an anniversary or a get together of friends and family.

Their delicious pasta and pizzas were truly scrumptious!!

The team captured the products with great detailing so that the end customer can see and feel the true texture of the product.

Photos from the scene

Errol & Loretta wedding Anniversary

Errol & Loretta celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and exchanged rings as a sign of love towards each other.

You know you are still in love even after 25 years, when you can still rock it with your better half!!

Dressed as a newly wed in her silver dress happy to celebrate the joy of being together for 25 lovely years.

It takes effort and lots of understanding to achieve such a milestone.

As the couple and their family swayed through the evening with music and dance our photographers captured these memories of love and togetherness.

Wedding of Soham and Bhavisha

Photos from the scene:

This lovely couple got married on 20th February 2019.

The groom waiting for the time when he would wed his beautiful bride-to-be. The handsome groom all dressed up in the Indian traditional outfit also known as the “Sherwani”. The ornaments or other additions that add texture, colour and meaning to his attire is the kilangi, turban, Groom neck-piece is made of woven pearls, sword, Indian wedding shoes also called the “Mojaris or jutis”. I’m sure your curious to know what’s a “Kilangi”. Its an ornament worn on the turban of the groom. The Sword, Kilangi and the groom’s pearl necklace is a sign of Royalty. A bridegroom is treated as a king or prince on the occasion of his wedding

The bride beautifully dressed in the traditional dress also called the “Lehenga”. The embroidery work on the Lehenga and the ornaments give a feeling of confidence to the bride as she looks her very best. Some religious jewelries are placed between the eyebrows as you see in this bride. They call this the ‘Tilak’. Did you know this religious ornament stands as the door of one’s soul? It gives the a feeling of belongingness to the person wearing this ornament.

Finally when the hour of marrying his bride, both of them hand in hand takes their wedding Pheras or walk round the holy “Fire” and say their wedding vows promising to be together for a lifetime.

The Groom all happy and jumping with joy that he finally conquered and accomplished his dream of wedding his beautiful bride.

The photographers and videographers enjoyed capturing all this to give the couple a memory of a lifetime.

You can view the snippet/ cinematic video of their wedding by clicking this link