Food Photography for Bake and Bite – Cakes

Food Photography for Bake and Bite – Cakes for all cake lovers.

Cake is a confection made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, and is usually baked. 

Some cakes are plain cakes and some decorated with cream and fruits to make it look delicious and rich.

Basic ingredients used in cakes are flour, sugar, cream, nuts, fruits, baking powder, cocoa, icing sugar and some food colour.

Different ingredients give different flavors to the output.

In the photographs you will see the different cakes and how they are decorated with cream and toppings which are pleasing to the eye.

Food Photography for Bake and Bite – Cakes had Chocolate cake and fruit cakes.

You will see a display of KitKat with KitKat chocolate cake and fruits with fruit cake.

There was black forest cake with cherries and cream too. These cakes were fresh.

The lighting and B rolls used by the photographers complimented the cake to give a better photograph of the product.

Lesmasphotos has created a niche for food photography in Mira road and the surrounding areas of Thane and Mumbai.

5 tips to good food photography are:

  • Keep it minimal – Do not overcrowd the product with B rolls
  • Keep it simple – use simple props and ideas
  • Use the right lighting- Using too much or too little light will give you the pictures you need. The direction of light will give a different result.
  • Use backdrops and flat lay.

Shawarma Café – Food Photography

Shawarma Café – Food photography was done at Shawarma Café Mira Road. Shawarma is comfort food of the Arabic nations.

Ever had some good and delicious Shawarma?

If you haven’t tried one do visit shawarma Café. It is an awesome getaway place to hang out with friends and family.

photos from the scene

Shawarma is an Arabian food. It is a popular Middle Eastern dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire, consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit.

Shawarma is kind of a roll with meat and salad and accompanied with “Tahini” a preparation made with Sesame seeds.

In the Shawarma Café – Food Photography the Chefs of Shawarma Café prepared the shawarmas and burgers for the shoot the team clicked amazing photographs and reels in different angles and light setups.

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You can view the reels on this link

Some of the photographs are of a Burger, Hummus with Pita, Sizzling hot Shawarmas, and Various dips .

Lesmasphotos specializes in photography and cinematography for all kinds of life events. 

Food photography

Food photography for International Baking Company a cake shop.

Cakes remind us birthdays, company events, celebrations, happy moments, parties and a moment for some sweet.

They helps us experience flavors of chocolate, fruits, cream, candies, coffee and maybe sometimes a mild flavor of vanilla.

Making a cake involves a lot of effort and creativity.

Shooting such a product did require some effort but the experience in seeing them being made was great.

You can view some of the photographs of this shoot on this link and some reels on this link

photos from the scene

Caek Cafe – Food Photography

When you think of food you look for something that looks good.

Once the sense of seeing is convinced then you will think of ordering the product.

We shot for this amazing food outlet “Caek cafe”.

They served beautiful and tasty looking cakes and pastries that are good for every occasion. Be it a birthday or an anniversary or a get together of friends and family.

Their delicious pasta and pizzas were truly scrumptious!!

The team captured the products with great detailing so that the end customer can see and feel the true texture of the product.

Photos from the scene