Indian Wedding Photoshoot

Another Indian wedding done by lesmasphotos of the couple Shafiqa & Haseeb.

‘Nikah’ or ‘Walimah’ an Islamic tradition where two lovely people come together as one.

It was a memorable occasion for the couple where they promised to live together for a lifetime.

The bride beautifully dressed in her red gown studded with gold embroidery.

An Indian belief – the darker the colour of the mehendi  on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.

The groom in his white fur/ karakul cap and the traditional wedding outfit waiting for the moment when he and his to- be- bride will exchange words of acceptance.

Finally the day came to an end with the couple taking back with them lovely pictures and memories clicked by our team of photographers and videographers.

Mandar & Sagarika Wedding Photoshoot

The wedding of Mandar and Sagarika was quite eventful.

The groom gets ready in his wedding attire followed by some lovely groom shots taken by our team of photographers.

Whilst the bride gets ready she is able to view her grooms car drive to the mandap with his Baraat ( the Indian wedding procession)

Bride’s brother twists the groom’s ear to remind him to take care of his sister. ” Kaanpili” is yet another ritual in a Maharashtrian wedding that amuses everyone.

Another sweet ritual where the bride and groom has to tie a holy chord to each other in a way the other finds it difficult to untie it.

The couple finally through with all the rituals and are announced husband and wife followed by photographs of the newly wed couple.

Couple shots of the newly wed at their wedding reception.

You can also view their pre- wedding photographs on this link

You can also view their wedding teaser on this link

Photos from the scene

Salman & Zainab Wedding Shoot

The wedding of Salman & Zainab was held at a hill station.

The couple celebrated their Nikah as husband an wife with very close family.

The family contributed to every special arrangement to make the occasion memorable.

You can also view a video of their pre wedding shoot on this link and pictures of the prewedding shoot on this link

Photos from the scene

Wedding of Soham and Bhavisha

Photos from the scene:

This lovely couple got married on 20th February 2019.

The groom waiting for the time when he would wed his beautiful bride-to-be. The handsome groom all dressed up in the Indian traditional outfit also known as the “Sherwani”. The ornaments or other additions that add texture, colour and meaning to his attire is the kilangi, turban, Groom neck-piece is made of woven pearls, sword, Indian wedding shoes also called the “Mojaris or jutis”. I’m sure your curious to know what’s a “Kilangi”. Its an ornament worn on the turban of the groom. The Sword, Kilangi and the groom’s pearl necklace is a sign of Royalty. A bridegroom is treated as a king or prince on the occasion of his wedding

The bride beautifully dressed in the traditional dress also called the “Lehenga”. The embroidery work on the Lehenga and the ornaments give a feeling of confidence to the bride as she looks her very best. Some religious jewelries are placed between the eyebrows as you see in this bride. They call this the ‘Tilak’. Did you know this religious ornament stands as the door of one’s soul? It gives the a feeling of belongingness to the person wearing this ornament.

Finally when the hour of marrying his bride, both of them hand in hand takes their wedding Pheras or walk round the holy “Fire” and say their wedding vows promising to be together for a lifetime.

The Groom all happy and jumping with joy that he finally conquered and accomplished his dream of wedding his beautiful bride.

The photographers and videographers enjoyed capturing all this to give the couple a memory of a lifetime.

You can view the snippet/ cinematic video of their wedding by clicking this link

Aniket & Raveena Wedding Photoshoot

Photos from the scene

You can see their Cinematic wedding Video here on this link

Wedding of this couple in the Indian tradition – Shreyans & Manisha

Photos from the scene

The Indian tradition has a different touch to a wedding.

The groom waiting for the right moment to see his bride

All dressed up in the traditional Sherwani and Turban, soon waiting for his sehra to be put on, so the rituals of the wedding could start.

As the wedding procession (‘Baraati’ as we would say in hindi) proceeds to the venue where the bride is waiting for her groom to join.

She gracefully looks at herself in the mirror before she sees her groom-to-be.

Every moment beautifully captured by our photographers to give them a memory of a lifetime.

You can view the Cinematic teaser of the wedding of this couple on this link

Vineet & Bhoomi Wedding

Photographed this lovely couple on their pre-wedding and then on their wedding day. The photo shoot was held on 2nd of December 2019. It was a pleasure capturing stills for the most important day of their lives. The to-be- bride and groom all dress in their best outfits.

The groom was carried by the relatives of the bride to the entrance of the venue.

The relatives wore pink turban which is part of the Maharashtrian tradition. The Maharashtrian tradition is mainly followed by the people of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is one of the busiest states of India. The main Metropolitan city and economical hub of India.

Yet today people in cities love to follow their respective traditions that make a special occasion like a wedding to feel grand and you see a lot of togetherness in the families.

The bride in blue and the groom besides her have worn the traditional ‘Sehra’ or ‘Pheta’. They are all smiles and happy as they conduct the rituals that are predetermined by the Marathi culture.

Once the rituals are over the bride is all set to leave her parents and folk to enter a new life into a new family.

India is so rich with different cultures and every ceremony held would have a different meaning and resemblance making it worthwhile for the photographer to capture it in a photograph so that not only the families but also people around could learn from it.

Among st all of these cultures you find the true and only essence “LOVE

Click the below link to see their Cinematic video

Alankar & Shilpa Wedding

After recently completing their pre wedding we had the opportunity to Photograph their wedding on 20th November 2019. It was exciting and fun to see two different people come together for Love.

Have a look at their cinematic clip below

“Is my Sehra ok??”. The bride is so eager adjusting her Sehra during the ‘Mangalashtak‘.

Every couple aims to enjoy a happily married life with blessings from family and friends. According to many cultures, that is only possible with Mangalashtak in marriage. 

The groom’s bride stands opposite him, however, he cannot see her due to the cloth.

The relatives of the bride and groom start singing the Mangalashtak in marriage along with the priest and bless the couple.

The marriage finally takes place when the couple takes the ‘Saptapadi’ or the 7 rounds around the holy fire accompanied by the vows of Hindu marriage teach them to be kind and loving towards each other.

Overall a wedding best in its simplicity with the blessings of all family members showered on the couple. With our photographers and videographers getting each moment captured to give a lifetime memory to the married couple.