Floyd & Smita Pre wedding photoshoot

Floyd & Smita Pre wedding photoshoot was shot in Matheran by one of the best photographers in Mumbai Lester Mascarenhas.

The team got good photographs of the couple where they made good use of props and clothes to match each other which made the photographs looks more romantic and brought a sense of belongingness between the couple.

The couple planned in advance with the photographers the choice of photographs they wanted and both in collaboration worked towards getting amazing pictures.

Floyd & Smita Pre wedding photoshoot was planned  a little ahead of the wedding date.

We got lovely couple shots in the woods, in a resort, some night photography as well as some good creative shots of the couple.

They had props that read “Forever”, “I’m stealing his last name”, “I stole her heart” etc.

We got many photographs of the couple with the greenery around.

There was good landscaping in Matheran which comprised of a small lake, a bridge, trees, a resort with a woody look etc. that added aesthetic value to the photographs as can be seen below.

Beautifully put in words by Lester himself:

“Little showers of rain,

And the Matheran toy train.

With two little hearts lost in the woods,

Come together to make memories so good.”

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All in all it was a wonderful experience for the team and the couple

Scenes from the photo shoot

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