Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism

Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism a symbol of entry of new life into the Catholic faith.

What does Baptism remind you of?

Sprinkling of holy water, where water is an essential for new life.

During the baptismal rites the priest says “”I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Lighting the holy candle that symbolizes moving to the light. The photographers got pictures of the baptism candle, the baptism cake and the child with the parents.

A small child welcomed to a faith in front of an entire congregation. This is seen in the Photoshoot of Ivanna’s Baptism.

The photographers also got a beautiful photograph of the child holding his baptism card.

The parents named the child and celebrated and had a party after the name was bestowed upon the child.

There was champagne served to raise the toast.

Our photographers witnessed and photographed the entire event of Ivanna’s Baptism so that the family could take back lovely memories of this beautiful day.

Photos from the scene

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