Iyaan’s First Birthday Photo Shoot

Iyaan’s First Birthday Photo Shoot was shot in the month of September 2022

The parents were eager to photoshoot the kid in this amazing “Boss Baby Theme” clothes.

On Iyaan’s First Birthday Photo Shoot the backdrop too was the “Boss baby theme”

Photos from the scene

The photographers got full length or Portrait shots of the baby in the theme clothes.

Props used were balloons, money, a stool, a laptop, a tie a some turquoise blue backdrop.

The photographers got lovely images of the baby in awe when the money was flipped in the air.

There was an evening celebration where Iyaan’s parents and family gathered to sing for him while he cut his birthday cake.

The photographers got photographs of the baby crawling while he moved around all excited.

They also got pictures of the parents and the parents with the baby.

They tried getting clips of the baby walking with the parents.

Overall it was a very good shoot as the photographers clicked pictures of the baby as well photographs of the birthday party in the evening.