Karishma and Kadar’s Wedding Ceremony

Karishma and Kadar’s Wedding Ceremony the best relationships start of as Friendship first – This stands true for this lovely couple.
2 day wedding in Pune…a whirlwind of colors!!
Our wedding photographers had a rocking time shooting them….stay blessed!!

Scenes from the wedding

Karishma and Kadar’s Wedding Ceremony was a three day wedding held in Pune.

Karishma and Kadar’s Wedding – is another Muslim wedding which followed all the customs and traditions with a lot of planning.

The photographers clicked pictures of the couple spending some valuable time with each other even in their busy schedules.

They captured some shots of the bride with her brother, father and other family and some fun shots with her friends.

They got pictures of the bride in her bridal mehndi, bridal dress and some sillouhettes

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