Kartikey and Ritu’s Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Kartikey and Ritu’s Pre-wedding Photo Shoot was at two places namely Vasai & Dahanu beach.

The couple was enthusiastic about being with each other and getting some good clicks of the moment.

The photographers took the opportunity and planned each and every moment to make it special.

In Kartikey and Ritu’s Pre-wedding Photo Shoot you can see this in the photographs where the place, time were pre scheduled to get the right lighting.

Kartikey and Ritu’s Pre wedding Photo Shoot was an early morning shoot by the beach and a woody stretch near Vasai beach.

Destination shoots have to be done at the right time and place to ensure the right results.

photos from the scene

What can quickly bring pictures to life?

Photography props are an easy answer.

Some props like books and shoes were used to increase the esthetic value of the photograph in this shoot.

They help evoke emotions by making the picture appealing, giving perspective, or bringing life to the photograph. Props give viewers a perspective as the eye travels across the photograph.

Props can accessorize and add context to a situation. Accessories can call attention to the subject. They can shift focus away from undesirable features on portfolio shots.

Some of the props that can tag along with you on your outdoor shoots are: