Liam’s Baby Shoot in the hospital

Liam’s Baby Shoot in the hospital was on the day he was born.

Our photographer’s were lucky to have an opportunity to photograph this baby on his 1st day of his entry into the world.

Shot at the hospital this bundle of joy is so cute.

Photographs of the baby with the parents were taken a memory to remember for a lifetime.

Out photographers also got shots of the father’s expression as he held his son in his hands for the first time. Dion felt proud to hold his son for the first time. They waited for this bundle of joy and he was finally here in their arms.

The parents felt blessed to have a sweet son Liam

The photographers enjoyed clicking pictures of the baby with the mother and the baby alone. The mother watched her baby while he sleeps. Capturing such emotions is great opportunity for photographers.

A baby yawning is such a sweet sight to see. We got a photograph of Liam yawning when he was a little baby.

You can have a look at some of the pictures of the fifth birthday of this child who is now grown to be a young lad.

You can also view his baptism pictures here.

Scenes from the photo shoot

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