Liam’s Fifth Birthday

Liam’s Fifth Birthday had the super hero theme or the Avenger theme.

On Liam’s Fifth Birthday the photographers got photographs of his birthday cake.

His cake had all the super heroes on it. His birthday cake was colorful and vibrant as him.

He was all fun and bubbly and all around the place. This helped our photographers get lovely and expressive pictures of the birthday boy.

Liam wore his new birthday outfit. The photographers clicked photographs of him as he posed with all his super heroes.

Liam wanted a picture of himself with his tattoo. He got a Spiderman tattoo done on his hand as that seems to be his favorite super hero.

Our photographers clicked pictures of the birthday boy with the mother and father and the other family and friends who attending the birthday party. You can see photographs of Liam below holding his mummy tight and kissing her.

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Photos from the scene