Mandar & Sagarika Wedding Photoshoot

The wedding of Mandar and Sagarika was quite eventful.

The groom gets ready in his wedding attire followed by some lovely groom shots taken by our team of photographers.

Whilst the bride gets ready she is able to view her grooms car drive to the mandap with his Baraat ( the Indian wedding procession)

Bride’s brother twists the groom’s ear to remind him to take care of his sister. ” Kaanpili” is yet another ritual in a Maharashtrian wedding that amuses everyone.

Another sweet ritual where the bride and groom has to tie a holy chord to each other in a way the other finds it difficult to untie it.

The couple finally through with all the rituals and are announced husband and wife followed by photographs of the newly wed couple.

Couple shots of the newly wed at their wedding reception.

You can also view their pre- wedding photographs on this link

You can also view their wedding teaser on this link

Photos from the scene

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