Punjabi Sindhi Wedding of Girish & Shweta

The Punjabi Sindhi wedding of Girish & Shweta is different from other Indian weddings.

Photos from the scene

Apart from the presence of every family member and friend of the Sindhi
being there for the function, Sindhis are well known for the
different cultures and traditions that are conducted over 2-3 days.

Some of the traditions that were held for the Punjabi Sindhi Wedding of Girish & Shweta are mentioned below and depicted in the photos:

  1. Mata Ki Chowki: ‘Mata Ki Chowki‘ is a Shindhi traditional function held where family and friends of the couple come together and pray and sing to bless the couple in their upcoming wedding and marriage.
  2. Saanth: This ritual involves tearing the clothes of the groom-to-be. It’s kind of a fun activity for the entire family of the groom. The clothes are torn to ward off the evil and prepare the groom for his new journey. Please click here to see the video of this couple.

    We have some photographs of the bride with her mother, the garland exchange , the Groom praying, and the family dancing with the groom.

  3. Sangeet: Sindhis love music and dancing.