Shafiqa & Haseeb – Wedding Photoshoot

Shafiqa & Haseeb – Wedding Photoshoot is another Muslim wedding done by lesmasphotos

‘Nikah’ or ‘Walimah’ an Islamic tradition where two lovely people come together as one.

It was a memorable occasion for the couple where they promised to live together for a lifetime.

The bride beautifully dressed in her red gown studded with gold embroidery.

An Indian belief – the darker the colour of the mehendi  on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.

The groom in his white fur/ karakul cap and the traditional wedding outfit waiting for the moment when he and his to- be- bride will exchange words of acceptance.

Finally the day came to an end with the couple taking back with them lovely pictures and memories clicked by our team of photographers and videographers.

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