Baby shoot of Azariah

In this Baby shoot of Azariah, we see the mother of the child has organized everything that will keep her son happy during the shoot where she ensured all his favorite things were present in the shoot.

Photos from the scene

In the baby shoot of Azariah the photographers gave prior attention to these things:

1.Keeping the child in his or her element. Do not deviate from the child’s schedule.

3. Backdrops

2.Changing any factor unpleasant to the child will cause him or her to be unhappy resulting in more time to get the right clicks.

3.Props required for a shoot:

  • Children love props like floating bath toys example “the yellow ducklings”. They love to flap the water in the bath tub
  • bubble bath
  • bathtub
  • stackable toys
  • animal and vegetable toy sets
  • kitchen sets
  • doctor sets
  • edible food like chocolate, fruits, wheat flour
  • The child’s favorite toy car
  • Inflatable Balloons

Please click these link to see pictures of Azariah’s Baptism and Videos of this shoot.

Kiara – Baptism Photo Shoot

Have this beautiful baby to photograph.

But she was not interested in the camera at all….!!


A lovely summer shoot with our baby Anaira along with her parents Navin and Hetal.

Shot across two locations Juhu beach and Chota Kashmir in Aarey.

She started off a little camera shy but slowly got into the mood.

The results of which are clear in her bubbling smiles and gaze.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Noah’s Baptism

A new entry to the family gives us happiness. With happiness comes responsibility.
It’s a new beginning for parents, grandparents and family and friends.
Welcoming the little one to the family. Their promise to bring him up with love and good values.
Lesmasphotos got the opportunity to photoshoot this lovely baby Noah.
Expressive as he was, it was fun clicking the most memorable moments of his life.
Noah will cherish these moments in the years to come.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Baptism of baby Mattheus

Babies bring happiness and joy.

Baptism or naming ceremony of babies is one of the Christian cultures.

Our photographers cover all naming ceremonies and Christenings and focus on important key aspects of different cultures and traditions.

We’ve ensure the baby is happy during the event and the entire family partakes and enjoys the entire ceremony with smiles and kisses, hugs and warmth for the little one.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Elsa’s Baby shoot

Our children’s photographer loved this cute little Bundle of Joy. They had a theme for the Shoot – Manchester United and Frozen. She really looked like little Princess Elsa in her long flowing gown. The parents had matching shirts for all of them.

Scenes from her baby shoot