Ernest & Sueanne – Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photoshoot of Ernest & Sueanne was held in the month of April of 2022.

A different experience with a lot of new learnings and new styles of shooting by the team.

The couple was open to new ideas which helped the team get the desired pictures.

A relationship of 7 years changing to strong bond of marriage is a living example of true love and commitment to each other by this couple.

For the wedding Teaser click –

You can check the reel of the monsoon couple shoot of this couple on this link

Catholic Wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina

Catholic wedding Photoshoot of Canute & Gina.

They seemed nervous in the beginning of the day but very much in love.

Beautiful pictures of the bride with some spotlighting.

An Outdoor Photoshoot was done to capture the natural beauty and aesthetics of the couple and the entourage.

The shoot ended with the “Maain Mudi Shivnchen” which is the Mother-in-law presenting a ring to her son-in-law, the groom.

And the “Opsun” or handing over of the bride to the groom’s family where the bride has mixed feeling with tears of happiness and sadness. Sadness because she would be leaving her parents home and Happiness cause she would be going to a new home.

You can view their wedding video on this link

Oswald & Leandra wedding

October wedding of this amazing couple. Still remember the rains came done the same day and we had to move the party indoors. But that did not deter the couple in the least and the love shone through despite the cloudy day. Cheers guys!!

Joel & Karen Wedding Photoshoot

A cold  December wedding!

The bride and groom all dressed for the big day.

The flower girl and page boy with their basket of flowers and pillow.

The bride’s maids and the best man all dressed in yellow and other hue mixed with white.

Scenes from the photo shoot



Click this link   to view the cinematic video for this lovely couple.

Destination Wedding of Joel & Cristine in Mumbai

Destination Wedding of Joel & Cristine in Mumbai

Joel & Cristine – from two different countries and cultures.

This was a destination wedding.

One from India the other from Philippines.

The bride had a beautiful wedding gown. The dress was designed in Philippines.

It was quite an experience capturing such beautiful picture on a rainy day.

Lesmasphotos also has a team for videography and cinematography.

Scenes from the photo shoot

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