1st Holy Communion Photoshoot

1st Holy Communion Photoshoot of Adele.

Adel was super excited on her first holy communion day.

She was happy to be around all her family members.

A day on which she welcomed the lord in her life.

Some beautiful memories captured of her when she was dressed in white.

Also some pictures of family blessings and some fun moments made it a joyful day for her.

I still remember when she consciously made it a point to make everyone smike in every photograph.

She wanted to have the best memories with all those smiles in her collection of pictures.

I really admire her for her effort as it made the photographers and videographers smile too throughout the day.

Photos from the scene

You can View the communion Highlight on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES9HsMvXuJg

Noah’s Baptism

A new entry to the family gives us happiness. With happiness comes responsibility.
It’s a new beginning for parents, grandparents and family and friends.
Welcoming the little one to the family. Their promise to bring him up with love and good values.
Lesmasphotos got the opportunity to photoshoot this lovely baby Noah.
Expressive as he was, it was fun clicking the most memorable moments of his life.
Noah will cherish these moments in the years to come.

Scenes from the photo shoot

Baptism of baby Mattheus

Babies bring happiness and joy.

Baptism or naming ceremony of babies is one of the Christian cultures.

Our photographers cover all naming ceremonies and Christenings and focus on important key aspects of different cultures and traditions.

We’ve ensure the baby is happy during the event and the entire family partakes and enjoys the entire ceremony with smiles and kisses, hugs and warmth for the little one.

Scenes from the photo shoot