Photography Testimonials

generic cytotec from india Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Some kind words from our clients

buy Gabapentin 800 mgünstig-kaufen-per-nachnahme.html thank you very much, you and your team did a awesomely great job to have our wedding pictures taken by you all… appreciate it alot.. thank you…it’s a pleasure that you all made our day look amazing in the pics – Edberg PRE HONEYMOON SHOOT😘😘😘(Its neither a pre wedding shoot nor a post wedding shoot …Its different😉😉)

Thank you so much for this lovely surprise 😍😍😍in mumbai Mr Sandeep Agrawal….n special thanks to Lester Mascarenhas , Sheldon Isadore for supporting him in making my dream come true…
We are not a natural smiler ..we always hesitates in smiling in front of camera n i guess u have sensed tht , through this shoot, u got ourselves very comfortable with the camera. U brought out the real us in front of camera…u clicked randomly..which is the best thing we loved about ur photography…
The photos are very very good…I know the tym which we gave u was really very very shot..inspite of tht the pictures captured by u are splendid…we are shot of words ….just thank u thank u for this..We wish u all the luck for ur upcoming shoots… special thanks to Sheldon for the beautiful video ( Which will be posted very shortly)
I WONT SAY I HAVE THE BESTEST HUSBAND Sandeep ….BUT TRULY I GOT THE BEST…u r just the best for me my love.. i dont think i would have got better person thn u…love u so so much….Surprise n u are just opposite poles…but u did it …U did it only for me….Thank u again jaan..😍😍😍

Sandeep & Jayshil post nuptial shoot
Sandeep & Jayshil post nuptial shoot

Thank you for the photography/videography for our wedding, roce, portone and the pre wedding shoot.

We werent keen on doing the pre-wedding shoot due to lack of time. You pushed us to do it, and thanks for that. I am not a natural smiler :). However, through this shoot, we got ourselves very comfortable with the camera and with each other. We were able to communicate our requirements very clearly to you too.

Inspite of your busy schedule you came personally for the roce. The briefing with the couple and entourage on the roce day set the expectations and timelines right, the benefits of which were seen in the fact that we started the mass sharp on time and the reception as early as 7.15 PM (on a WEEKDAY!!!). we the couple, their families and the entourage knew exactly what was expected of them.

im sure the photos will be great, but sometimes its the way you deal with your clients that makes a difference. – José Alvarez‎

Loyson & Renita’s Pre nuptial shoot
Loyson & Renita’s Pre nuptial shoot

Thank u so much Lester for the amazing pictures…for capturing these beautiful memories that we will cherish for ever had a great time with u and ur team…Looking forward for many more….Thanks again – Renita D’souza

Tankooo is just an understatement for this ……. it was more beyond a photoshoot…… for us as a couple we enjoyed utmost of the photoshoot and the level of comfort given to us by Lester Mascarenhas Photography and team ….. it was more of ARCI & LLOYD the #togetherness…….lester captured it well and freezed the memories for life ….. marriage is about two ppl and not about how u present urselves to others … a pre nup shoot its all about US leaving the rest things away —strongly recommended and only by Lester Mascarenhas Photography – Arcella Dsouza

Lloyd & Arcella's Pre nuptial shoot
Lloyd & Arcella’s Pre nuptial shoot

Dear Lester and team,
It was quite a tough choice for Dominic and me while we were looking for a photographer as we were planning our wedding, considering the fact that we lived in different cities. After talking to at least 10-12 photographers and analyzing their quotations and their work, we were almost going crazy. And then we stumbled upon your website. Every email and phone call exchanged – I would say – reinstated our faith, yet we knew the real work began on Our Big Day. We were nervous and we knew there will be no retakes. On behalf of both of us, our bridal entourage and our families, THANK YOU. You put us at ease and I must say we forgot half the wedding day jitters with you and your team around. We were so comfortable, we laughed so much and I think it all shows in our pictures. Thank you everyone at Team Lester Mascarenhas Photography . You guys are awesome. And THE BEST I have ever come across so far. In terms of your fee charged, In terms of professionalism and in terms of creativity and the services provided – THE BEST ! Thank You for making us look so lovely and beautiful. Thank you for making our wedding so memorable. We will always look back at these photographs and remember that you helped us cherish them with your lovely work.
Thank you Lester. Definitely recommending you as the best photographer in Mumbai !
Dominic D’Silva and Joyline D’Silva

So today i went to a photo studio (navrang studio at Hiranandani powai) to get some prints of pictures taken by Lester Mascarenhas and Celestina Mascarenhas. At 1st the guy at the studio asked me which camera was it, i shrugged my shoulders. Next he commented saying it must be a Canon, again i shrugged my shoulders. And finally came the ultimate compliment, this photographer is good… and i stood there beaming as if it was i that he referred to. Thank you lester and celest for capturing our precious moments.
– Candida J Colabewalla