Our Team

Lester  – Just Me

Hi Guys,

I am Lester , started off this venture with a passion in my heart for Photography. During and after my stint in the corporate world, in Human Resources, I found my true calling behind the lens.

The human emotion fascinates me and you will see that when we meet and more so in my work.

Besides life events, love doing everything in photography. I don’t believe in candid , traditional photographers. At the heart, I am a photographer and should execute any type of photography, in which i pride my self.

I firmly believe that it’s the skill and passion that defines an artist and not the equipment that is used.

So I invite you to join in our world of appreciative art and beauty, of being in my Images and making memories for you, for a life time.



Hi All,

Always had a creative flair, however found my anchor for the creativity in Photography, and like Lester have left the corporate world to make my dreams come true behind the camera.

I love shooting from a distance without changing the environment. The joy of knowing people and how we have been part of their lives is a thrill I love to have.

I head the Marketing and Finance division of this enterprise along with Photography.

They say it takes 2 to tango , play tennis, chess and believe me it take 2 to make a hobby into a passion into a livelihood.

Come let us be a part of your world and we will capture it for eternity.!!

Follow me  and view my work on these links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celestina.mascarenhas/



Jayesh – The Video man

I am Jayesh the videographer & Cinematographer for the team.
Experience in camera operation, DSLR & digital video cameras, sound equipment and the overall production process which is essential.
We film the pre-ceremony events and your entire ceremony till the reception ends and even further.
 With an Eye for Excellence and constant desire to learn and strive for more…!!
Follow me  and view my work on this link  https://www.facebook.com/jay1586/


Jonathan – Our Ace Rookie

Hi guys

Vibrant and alive that’s how I would describe my self.
I’m Jonathan Devinadan and my connect with photography began when I realized capturing an emotion or a moment is a Magical feeling.

This led me to Lester who is my guide and mentor. For us every second counts and our photography will make that second the best memory for you.

Follow me  and view my work on this link https://instagram.com/morethan_photos_?igshid=ayuk2mcohl1u