Vineet & Bhoomi Wedding

Photographed this lovely couple on their pre-wedding and then on their wedding day. The photo shoot was held on 2nd of December 2019. It was a pleasure capturing stills for the most important day of their lives. The to-be- bride and groom all dress in their best outfits.

The groom was carried by the relatives of the bride to the entrance of the venue.

The relatives wore pink turban which is part of the Maharashtrian tradition. The Maharashtrian tradition is mainly followed by the people of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is one of the busiest states of India. The main Metropolitan city and economical hub of India.

Yet today people in cities love to follow their respective traditions that make a special occasion like a wedding to feel grand and you see a lot of togetherness in the families.

The bride in blue and the groom besides her have worn the traditional ‘Sehra’ or ‘Pheta’. They are all smiles and happy as they conduct the rituals that are predetermined by the Marathi culture.

Once the rituals are over the bride is all set to leave her parents and folk to enter a new life into a new family.

India is so rich with different cultures and every ceremony held would have a different meaning and resemblance making it worthwhile for the photographer to capture it in a photograph so that not only the families but also people around could learn from it.

Among st all of these cultures you find the true and only essence “LOVE

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