Marwari Wedding of Soham and Bhavisha

Photos from the scene:

This is a Marwari Wedding of Soham and Bhavisha.

Soham and Bhavisha got married on 20th February 2019.

The handsome groom dressed up in the Indian traditional outfit also known as the “Sherwani”.

The ornaments or other additions that add texture, colour and meaning to the groom’s wedding attire is:

  1. The “Kilangi” or an ornament worn on the turban of the groom.,
  2. A turban
  3. The Groom’s neck-pieces made of woven pearls
  4. Sword,
  5. Indian wedding shoes also called the “Mojaris or jutis”.

The Sword, Kilangi and the groom’s pearl necklace is a sign of Royalty. A bridegroom is treated as a king or prince on the occasion of his wedding

The bride beautifully dressed in the traditional dress and ornaments. The traditional dress is also called the “Lehenga”. The embroidery work on the Lehenga and the ornaments give a feeling of confidence to the bride as she looks her very best.

As you can see in the photographs there are some religious jewelries are placed between the eyebrows of the bride. They call this the ‘Tilak’.

Finally hand in hand they take their wedding Pheras or walk round the holy “Fire” and recite their wedding vows promising to be together for a lifetime.

In this Marwari wedding of Soham and Bhavisha the photographer got a picture of the Groom jumping with joy with a feeling he finally conquered and accomplished his dream of marrying his beautiful bride.

The photographers and videographers in Mumbai enjoyed capturing all this to give the couple a memory of a lifetime.

You can view the snippet/ cinematic video of their wedding by clicking this link

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