Wedding of Sarfrazuddin & Sumaiyya

The wedding of Sarfrazuddin & Sumaiyya is a traditional style wedding we saw these two love birds get hitched.

The photographers had the opportunity to capture some new traditions and some old customs during the event. 

The Muslim wedding of Sarfrazuddin & Sumaiyya depicts the Muslim traditions and customs seen in the photographs above.

Good pictures of the couple with some portrait photographs of the bride and groom were clicked at the Walima.

The photographers got great photos of the side profile of the bride wearing her ornaments. As well as the groom getting dressed.

The photographers and the videography team were able to capture some fun traditions and customs followed by the family.

Every Indian wedding has different styles, customs, and traditions that bring uniqueness to its approach.

Some Indian bride where Mehendi to their hands.

This gives more value to the event.

The groom wore an elegant Sherwani ( An Indian outfit worn by Indian grooms)

Highlights of the Wedding photoshoot of Sarfrazuddin & Sumaiyya are as below in the video.

The team got some good video clicks of the couple with their family on this auspicious occasion.

They also got a good shot of the groom getting ready for his wedding day.

The day ended with the groom taking his bride to his house in the wedding car.

Seemed like a fairy tale….And they lived happily ever after!!!

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